[FEATURE-14756] Perspective Chart Range Selector - Cannot Move or Resize Brush in Mobile App

I created my time series chart to look at the brush range of the Chart Range Selector component(like the post suggests). So far so good with a little bit of date massaging upon screen startup. All works well in the browser with a mouse. I opened the screen on my phone only to find that you are not able to resize the brush or move it left to right to change the date selection. Is there a config to allow this or is this just a bug?

Hi @vcgasman, thanks for reporting. We haven’t optimized the Chart Range Selector for mobile yet, so the mobile experience is certainly not ideal for this component. The best UX will be on a desktop. I will add this bug to the feature request.

We have optimized the Chart Range Selector for mobile in the 8.0.6 nightly build that was uploaded today (10/9).