[FEATURE-14771] Freehand Writing in Runtime

Dear all,
I have already talked with some of you during last ICC.
The feature is related to the need to freehand write some notes on a touchscreen monitor by using a web perspective application.
Is there something like that in the road-map? During the conference I heard about a “2D Drawing” component, but I do not know if it fulfills my requirements.

Thanks a lot.

I know the following is in the ideas site as planned. Not sure if it will fit your needs since they are mostly requesting it as a signature component, but in theory it could be scaled up for your needs.


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Notes or signatures? Have you looked at eversign? or Limnu? Limnu is like 5 bucks a month with api. I am sure there are a ton of apps out there. How do you want to save it?


https://awwapp.com/ looks like the best. You could make it look super native in an Iframe in your projects and save the contents of the whiteboard through api calls and clear it. Supports touchscreen and gestures.

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Great! Thanks a lot guys.
I see if something like that will be embedded in Perspective!

Yes! As @grietveld mentioned, it is something we have on our list. It is still in the early stages but I have linked the ticket and will let you know when the feature has been added.

Thank you!

A new Signature Pad component was just merged and will be available in 8.0.11, or nightly builds starting tomorrow.