[feature-1479]Translation key for 'Action denied' popup in perspective

Can someone please tell me the translation terms for Perspectives ‘Action Denied’ popup?
Translation of the header ‘Action denied’ works, but what are the Translation terms for ‘a few seconds ago’ and ‘onActionPerformed…’?


You likely won’t be able to translate the duration; it’s coming from Moment (a JS date/time library) and we’re not feeding in a locale :frowning:

For the message, it’s assembled as:

messageDetail = `${actionDenied.eventName} ${i18n(client, "action for component")} ${actionDenied.elementName} ${i18n(client, "was denied.")}`;

So "action for component" and "was denied." are the current translation terms that I’d expect to work. That’s pretty weak, though - I’ll make a ticket to see if we can do better.

Thank you, those terms worked. But you’re right, the translation looks very clumsy.