FEATURE- 14878] Chart Information

So I have been working with these charts for some time now and have got most of it down, but I am having a problem with getting the all the information that I want showed on the points. I would like when you hover over a point it displays other information then just the time and the point it is on.

Hi @kstewart, are you referring to the Time Series Chart? Can you elaborate on the additional data you would like displayed?

Yes this is a time series chart. The whole data set is with this chart but is only displaying one of the columns (which is what I want it to do), but I would like to show the rest of the data set information when you hover over the item.

Gotcha. So you’re just limiting the columns that are displaying by adding to the columns array of the trend, but the chart still has the full data set. This is definitely a good request.

For a use case like this, I should be able to add a showAllData flag to the xTrace config so that you can show ALL data at that point (vs just the charted data).