[feature-14904]Perspective APK for MDM

I have a Zebra MC339R scanner running Android Oreo that I’d like to create a Perspective application for. I’m trying to setup some MDM profiles for device provisioning, including the application load. I’m an iOS guy historically and perhaps this is a dumb question, but where do I go to get the current APK file that is sanctioned by Inductive?

Presently, contact support and they should be able to get it for you.
We have plans to publish the APK separately for download on our website, but no exact ETA on that.

Could you please post the apk for sideloading to Android devices that do not have access to the google marketplace? For example the EloView devicies.

@joehahn, for now, no common link is available. I merged your request into an existing one - we’ll update this thread once the feature is available, but the current solution is to contact support to get a direct download of the APK.

Any update to this?

I don’t think it’s automatically updated on our backend yet, but you can download it here: Extra Ignition Materials | Inductive Automation