[Feature-14919] Calendar-components on Perspective like in Vision


It would be very useful to get a Calendar-component on perspective like there is on Vision:
One with day view, one with Week view and one month view.

Something similar would be good to have. Like something you get on Outlook-calendar where you can just drag how long “meetings” (In this case entry’s) you want and possible give them some additional information.

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This is on our list of things to add - not quite at the top, but fairly high.

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+1 for this please

Is there a release date for this ?

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Nope, but in the meantime you could use the pre-built calendar our sales engineering team put up on the exchange:

I’d like to up vote this feature request as well! I took a look at the calendar on Ignition Exchange. It works for the month view, but not for scheduling operations by time during a day or week.

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+1 for this. Checked on ideas but it’s not there so I can’t up-vote it.

We have a calendar component available for Perspective here: Modules

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Where does this data come from? I can’t find the source.

+1 for this feature in perspective.

Any progress for this component ?

Development hasn’t yet started on first-party calendar components in favor of some other things in the pipeline. Still on the short-list of things to add.

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Hello folks! As we embark planning for the Perspective calendar component, we would appreciate the opportunity to gain a deeper understanding on specific use cases relating to your calendar needs. We've created a brief survey (~ 3 mins) that includes a few questions and we would be grateful for any feedback you can provide us, as well as, learn more about your calendar needs. We appreciate your time and we look forward to hearing your thoughts! Thank you.

Take survey: Survey Link

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