[Feature-14919] Calendar-components on Perspective like in Vision


It would be very useful to get a Calendar-component on perspective like there is on Vision:
One with day view, one with Week view and one month view.

Something similar would be good to have. Like something you get on Outlook-calendar where you can just drag how long “meetings” (In this case entry’s) you want and possible give them some additional information.

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This is on our list of things to add - not quite at the top, but fairly high.

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+1 for this please

Is there a release date for this ?

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Nope, but in the meantime you could use the pre-built calendar our sales engineering team put up on the exchange:

I’d like to up vote this feature request as well! I took a look at the calendar on Ignition Exchange. It works for the month view, but not for scheduling operations by time during a day or week.

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+1 for this. Checked on ideas but it’s not there so I can’t up-vote it.

We have a calendar component available for Perspective here: Modules

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Where does this data come from? I can’t find the source.

+1 for this feature in perspective.

Any progress for this component ?

Development hasn’t yet started on first-party calendar components in favor of some other things in the pipeline. Still on the short-list of things to add.

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