[FEATURE-14929] Perspective Map: Method to get pixel size & SVG overlays

Would it be possible to add the getSize() script callable method that is listed in the Leaflet documentation? Whenever the view resizes itself to fit the browser window, the map image layers I am pulling in from our ArcGIS API become distorted and no longer sit in the correct location on the map. Being able to get the size, in pixels, of the map component through scripting would fix this issue.

The second Leaflet feature I would like to see added would be the ability to use SVG layers and SVG overlays. Our goal is to be able to create our own custom SVG components that would sit on the map and change colors depending on the latest recorded value.

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The next nightly build (and 8.0.11) add a getSize() method, and an onResize() component event to the map component.

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Great thanks for the update! This will help me out alot. I can’t wait to test it out.