[feature-14933]Ignition Edge 8.0 Image Library Empty


I Just installed the Ignition Edge. Do any images come with Ignition Edge?
The full version in Trial mode had a lot of image available like tanks, pipes, etc.
Does Ignition Edge not come with the Images? If not are they available to download? Where would I download them at?
Just to avoid confusion I am not talking about the Symbol Factory.


The seeded images were removed in 8.0, since they were out of date and conflicted with the (much better to use) symbol factory, which is now also free…although, I’m not sure how that works in Edge.

EDIT: I filed a ticket for us to check that symbol factory is working as it should in Edge - it’s possible that was overlooked when we first made symbol factory free.

Thank you. I had no problems downloading and using the symbol factory

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