[FEATURE-15018] TimeSeriesChart Bar Graph

In the attached image, i show the properties of the time series chart i have configured and the properties. I can’t find a way to increase the width of the bars in the graph.

Is there a way to increase the width of the bar graph in the time series chart?

Hello @jramirez3, the width is auto-calculated based on zoom level. As you zoom in, the width will increase; zoom out, decrease.

I can see how that would be cumbersome in your use case where you have a single event that occurs at noon with large gaps of time in between. I will open a feature request to make the state style objects (normal, selected, etc.) extensible so that adding a width property will let you manually set the width.

Ok, thank you. Can you link to this post when that is finished?

No prob; we’ll let you know when this makes its way into a nightly build.

Do we know if the width property has been already added?


Same question that marcos. Width property doesn’t work for me in ignition 8.0.16.