[FEATURE-15053] Perspective Menu Tree "return to top"

Hey guys,

I have Menu Tree in perspective which I populate depending on user permissions. I have one option on the menu which has many different levels(5), so that when I want to return to the “main” menu, I have to click “back” 5 times. Originally I had done this with the “Tree” component, but the end-user wants the menu tree.

Is there a trick I’m missing to just be able to return to the top of the menu? or is this something that is not possible with the component?

Hi @roberto.camp, you’re not missing anything. The back navigation only goes one level at a time. Currently there isn’t a “back to root” type of navigation for the menu. It wouldn’t be hard to add. We just need to define some real estate within the control for that action. I will open a feature request and see if we can move forward with this.

It’s unfortunate you can’t use the Tree; that certainly would make it easier to collapse the structure in one click. Alternatively, the Horizontal Menu also will close all child menu structures when clicking outside of the menu items.

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Thanks for the reply! I’ll check if the horizontal menu can satisfy our needs, if not, hopefully this feature will go through.

Looks like this was brought up here as well: Reset Menu Tree to root

It would be nice to be able to reset it so that if you have it in a Dock it could automatically reset to “Home” when you launch that dock.

Curious, how would you guys like this to work? Additional UI to navigate back to the root, or another option for nav menu items that will reset the menu tree once it is clicked? Something else entirely?

I don’t think any additional UI is necessary since you get the back option at the top. For me, a setting to reset the menu tree when closing or opening it would be helpful. Maybe that would have a timeout feature such that after 10 seconds it would go back to the main instead of where it last was. The biggest annoyance is after a long period you open it back up and you’re still deep into a menu structure and just want the main tree.

That’s what we thought. This feature is currently in developer queue. Thanks.

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I see that the feature was added in the nightly builds and have it now running in the released 8.1.9 version. Works good so thank you!

One additional question. Am I missing something or is there not a way to reset the menu with a script? I have the menu in a docked view and when the dock is closed the menu stays where it was, potentially in sub items of the menu. At times it may be beneficial to have the menu be back on the “home screen” when we open the dock, as opposed to going back to whatever drilled down state it may be in. Is this possible?