[feature-15082]Perspective - Hide Project

When I open the perspective app, and I add my gateway through gateway search, and “Manually Input Gateway”, I get a list of all of the projects on my gateway. This is undesirable, as the project names could reveal sensitive information publicly.
Seethis post where I share the same sentiments.

Is there a way to hide projects in perspective similarly to the prescribed method in my linked post?


This is an active feature ticket on our backlog - it will probably be a project level setting similar to Vision once it’s implemented.

This feature was added in the 8.0.6 RC that was uploaded on Monday (10/28).

Is it possible to add hidden projects to native applications manually?

I’m pretty confident you could manually specify a project name and thing would still work; there’s a chance we specifically disable launching from these projects, but that’s not what I would initially expect based on how we named the setting.

specifically disabling a project from launching should definitely be a different setting.

I do this by specifying my project in the vision-client-launcher.json file and a shortcut that specifies the “-Dapplicaiton”

Also, in Perspective, you can still access the project at the project link, even if it’s hidden. In that case, we just share the link directly to the project with only the people who need to know.