[FEATURE-15155] Perspective - PDF Viewer Zoom

Is there anyway to control the fit of the PDF viewer in perspective. I am passing the bytes to the viewer from a database (no prob there). When the PDF shows in the viewer it is only filling about 1/2 of the available area.
Is there a way to make it zoom to 100% or to fit page or fit width?

No, not at the moment. Sorry. We have a plan to add more controls soon, similar to the Report Viewer. -Y

The PDF Viewer in Perspective used to auto-fill the space when we were on 8.0.12. We just upgraded to 8.0.15 and now the PDF Viewer does not resize at all. It stays at a default size of 400 x 575 and does not fill anymore of the space around it when you resize the component.

I am having the same issue. The PDF Viewer in perspective 8.0.13 used to auto resize. I updated the ignition to 8.0.15 yesterday and now the PDF doesn’t resize.