[IGN-4270] Perspective - PDF Viewer Zoom

Is there anyway to control the fit of the PDF viewer in perspective. I am passing the bytes to the viewer from a database (no prob there). When the PDF shows in the viewer it is only filling about 1/2 of the available area.
Is there a way to make it zoom to 100% or to fit page or fit width?

No, not at the moment. Sorry. We have a plan to add more controls soon, similar to the Report Viewer. -Y

The PDF Viewer in Perspective used to auto-fill the space when we were on 8.0.12. We just upgraded to 8.0.15 and now the PDF Viewer does not resize at all. It stays at a default size of 400 x 575 and does not fill anymore of the space around it when you resize the component.

I am having the same issue. The PDF Viewer in perspective 8.0.13 used to auto resize. I updated the ignition to 8.0.15 yesterday and now the PDF doesn’t resize.

any updates on this feature?

if you open the pdf using the inline frame, you will get the default browser pdf viewer, in chrome this has zoom options (idk about other browsers)

(note you dont see anything in the designer

but you get this in chrome:


yes, Thats great but We want to restrict view to single page which is hard to achieve with inline frame.
In inline frame -> it allows user to access all the pages. which is not desirable in this project

Split your PDF into separate pages and put them into your database with GUIDs. Then use my Blob Server module to deliver single pages (by GUID) to your inline frame.

( I recommend the PDFtk free command-line tool for manipulating PDFs, fwiw. )

The pdf viewer does not restrict users from only seeing one page, they can access the whole pdf as it is being uploaded as resource.

If this is for security/privacy reseaons, you should review all your use of this component and split up the pdf per page and store it in a db like pturmel suggested.

Are there plans to add the zoom functionality to the PDF viewer?

Our users need the ability to zoom in and out. We initially used the iFrame to display PDFs but moved to the PDF viewer. I'd hate to move back to the iFrame and then have to switch back to the PDF viewer in the future.

how do you do an inline frame? I am confused on what that is?

inlineframe or iframe, usually used for websites, but it can display all kinds of sources

Thank you so much. I am just a little slow this morning haha and thought was element of pdf viewer but just remember that it is an individual component. Thank you!

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