[Feature-1537] Pass param to embedded view as dropdown

I’d like to create a embedded view that have a params as drop down box to select between values and pass it to component.
Many perspective component have such ability like link component in Target props. Or overflow in style section.
Is there any trick to make this possible?

Are you asking about having a dropdown box like these?


If so, there is no way for you to set that up short of creating your own component; those dropdowns are a result of how we’ve specified the property in the schema and are populated from a list of options also provided within the schema or a specified resource.

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Though there is a longstanding internal polish ticket to give designers the ability to provide custom schemas, which would then give you both the dropdown suggestion(s) and design-time validation/hinting/etc.


What about pass style object to specific object in embedded view?
Like native perspective component which has has style for each section.
The style property has dropdown which user can selclect class from the list. Is this possible?

Any Updates to this?

This feature is still pending incubation. Incubation is one of the earliest phases of feature development, so this feature is not coming anytime soon.