[FEATURE-15384] TimeSeriesChart set to use local timezone for arranging timestamps

Those who enjoy Daylight Savings Time in the United States had to turn their clocks back an hour last weekend. This is always a source of confusion when working with time-based data. The solution I am working with now is sticking with displaying timestamps relative to UTC, strictly using UTC offsets to properly coordinate timestamps with ranges of time up to months, which may span across when DST is used or not.

Thankfully, the TimeSeries chart by default is very intelligent and understands what specific timezone you are in and graciously modifies timestamps depending on your local timezone. I would however prefer to only display UTC time.

Currently, when displaying UTC timestamps the TimeSeriesChart component accounts for your local timezone and adjusts the UTC time to your local time, as displayed here from data collected across the timezone change:

I would like to have an option to use UTC on the time axis as it is very confusing to have an apparent hour gap in your data when in reality there are two 1 AM hours displayed, accounting for the shift in the clocks.

There is an option in the API for the React.js Timeseries charts to use utc time instead of figuring out local time, but it may be more nuanced than just exposing this property and running with it set to True.

Thanks for your attention once more.

Another big thanks for the past requests that have been swiftly implemented and brought into my hands, I greatly appreciate the nimbleness of the inductive automation team!

Hi @paul.longtine, should be doable. I will open a feature request.