[FEATURE-15423] Time Series Chart Xtrace

In Vision Easy Chart we have selectedXValue to detect cursor location on the time series. Do we have something similar for the Perspectives Time Series Chart?

Currently, we do not. The x-trace is only on screen during the mouse hover state of the chart (unless viewing via mobile which is touch responsive), so it’s data point is not surfaced via a property. That said, it wouldn’t be a hard addition. I will open a feature request.

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Thank you. To allow us to interact with the chart and select data for further analysis. It is a needed feature.

Has this been implemented? I also need the ability to interact with the chart so that a user can exclude certain data points from the Control chart.

Yes it has been implemented. However, the Power Chart component is a far better tool to use.

Cheers, I see now the timestamp is exposed in the X-Trace values property.

As much as I want to use the power chart, the data I’m displaying has production context. So my queries are built around pulling all data points for product X or product Y. I looked at the DB Table Historian Provider but don’t see that I can really use it, hence I’m stuck with the Time Series Chart, which is a shame as I want to exclude data points and add annotations. If I’m missing an obvious way to still use the DB Table Historian Provider, I’m all ears…!

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