[FEATURE-15496] Hide trends in perspective Time Series Chart

The vision easy chart allows users to display or hide a trend with a checkbox. Is there anyway to do something similar on the Perspective Time Series Chart?

Hi @andytimc, there is a visible property for each trend that can be toggled at runtime to show/hide the entire trend data. You could map only one column of data per trend and toggle the visibility of each trend via checkboxes/buttons in the interface to get a similar result as the checkboxes in the legend of Vision’s Easy Chart. That’s what can be done right now, but I will open a feature request to enhance the Time Series legend with checkboxes.


I was considering doing that as a workaround but my graphs are set up to be heavily templated and attempting to map that all the way through will be a challenge, plus the color icon next to the checkbox which notifies the user of the color of each trend is nice. I can turn the legend on for that but then I have two separate areas, a checkbox, and then the built in color legend.

One workaround I found was to put a binding on the key for each column in a trend. If I make the key blank then the trend disappears. One thing I did find, however, is that the legend still shows one extra pen color with no text after it when I do this. If I have two columns in a row with blank keys, it only shows the first pen, not both. I would think it would hide the pen color in the legend when there is no key. The picture below shows what I mean. In this case there are 2 trends, the first of which has no keys in any column so the green box shouldn’t show up. The second trend has 1 column, which has a key and is showing up properly.


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