[feature-15502]Perspective full screen script or launch via browser

I’m attempting to get a perspective client to launch right into full screen. Are there any scripting methods to get the client to attempt to force full screen when launched in a browser?

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Not currently, but it looks fairly easy to do… I’ll file a ticket to expose that functionality.

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I would definitely be keen to have a way to do it as well.

Good news, a full screen action is available as of 8.0.10.

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Also @benp you can do this by utilizing Google Chrome Kiosk mode as well, so if for some reason you cant get to 8.0.10, its possible to do it natively with your application launch icon. This also works if you need an auto-startup project for something like a TV as well, you just put it in the startup programs folder configured as Kiosk Mode, no scripting needed.

Is there a way to force at session start the fullscreen mode.

I’d be shocked if you could. It is a web browser environment, and web browsers don’t trust websites with that kind of control.

Do you know the python script to pass the fullscreen mode ? I want to interger it to our login/logout procedure

What script? The fullscreen mode described above is a technique to start the browser that way. It is not a way to do it from within the browser.

There is absolutely NO way to script the application into entering fullscreen mode. Certain user events (onClick or onActionPerformed are recommended Events) cna be used to fire the Fullscreen Action. Note that there is no perspective package analog for this Action because as previously stated: there is no way to fire this action through scripting.

OK, I have added an OnStartup event to my menu to fire de fullscreen mode. Seems to do what I need.


An onStartUp Event should not have the ability to successfully invoke the FullScreen Action (even though the option should be available to be configured). Could you show some screenshots of how you set it up?

I have place my event on root of my bottom docked view

OK, today I found that it’s not really did what I need. When I lauch URL from my browser the fullscreen mode doesn’t fired. When I save my project from Designer then update my already loaded page the fullcreen is fired. So I think that I will have tu put a toggle button to do my fullscreen mode.

The application I am working on has one textfield in it. I have attached a Fullscreen Action onto the onCompositionEnd event for that textfield. So the application doesn’t start in full screen mode, but as soon as they start using it it goes into fullscreen. Seems to work well.


I take that back somewhat. It works well on the tablet which is the target of my app. On my desktop on my development computer, the onCompositionEnd event didn’t work. Probably because I am using an actual keyboard on the desktop. In instead attached it to the onKeyDown event. That seems to work both on desktop and tablet. BTW using Chrome for both.