[Feature-15907]Perspective Table, Option to enable filtering without using the provided text field?


It would be nice to be able to use the ‘filter’ option on the Perspective Table component without using the provided text input field, in order to have more control over the function and style of the filter input box.

As of 8.0.4 the built in filter box is always displayed when filtering is enabled. It would be useful to have an option for hiding the built in filter box, but still filter by binding/writing to the filter.text property.

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Bumping this thread because we could also use this feature.

This feature would be a big boon to mobile since it would let you type in something to filter on, then be able to hide the filter and reclaim precious space (it also seems like it should be pretty quick to implement, fingers crossed).

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Any updates about this feature?

Add in props.filter.style.display : none.


I've found on a workaround on a different case.
You enable the table filter checkbox, and then add the "display" property to the style, and set Display:None
this way the filter works, but the (ugly) filter box from the table header is hidden.

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Thank you for the trick