[Feature-16200]onSelect event on Alarm status Table doesn't work


I try to get the info of the selected row on Alarm status Table in v8.0.10rc1 but it seems this event doesn’t work at all. Is it bug? or I did some thing wrong? I want to implement to open view base on user selected alarm.
I also have some question on this component:
1 - How can I add new column to this column? specially associated alarm data. There is no option for doing that.
2 - How can I show alarm duration for each alarm? like vision.
3 - How can I define double click to cause to open related view of the selected alarm row?

It looks like the onSelect Event is working correctly, but it’s not intended to do what you’re trying to accomplish, nor is the Alarm Status Table set up for what you’re looking to do. I believe we have two open feature requests to address these issues:

  1. 15891: Provide An Associated Data Column.
  2. 16049: Provide Properties For AST which describe selected alarms.
  3. This would require a new component Method: onRowDoubleClick, because the “selected” data of the table would be for all selected rows, not just the one which was double-clicked. I opened a new feature for that because I see how it could be useful.
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Thanks please give me a rough idea of when those feature release.
Depend on your answer I may have to develop my own alarm status table with table component.
By the way what about alarm duration?
I can’t find any info on document for onSelect event, could you please tell what does it for?

onSelect documentation.

You’re on your own for alarm duration as of right now. You could always use a script to get the current time and subtract the active time.

As for a rough idea of feature release: sometime in the future? I really have no way to provide you something better than that; I don’t decide or have any say when anything gets taken on by development, and I have minimal insight into our immediate plans. I can tell you probably not 8.0.11. 8.0.12 seems like the earliest release which could see these, but I have no idea where they fall in prioritization with other features.

I highly recommend you use the Table to build your own stripped-down version of the Alarm Status Table if you need insight into row selection and the ability to act on said selection.