[Feature-16911]Alarms Status Table filter on Shelved alarms tab page

We use the filters with the Alarms Status Page to hone in on specific alarms from specific sources.

The Active alarms tab has the ability to filter on the source of an alarm, but there is no such thing for the Shelved alarms tab.

The filter that is used in our case is enabled in the Component properties under filters.active.conditions.source where we specify the filter for the alarm source.

There seems to be no such filters for the Shelved alarm tab page. I need to be able to filter both tab pages to provide the functionality I am looking for with the Alarm Status Table.

We are running a gateway on version 8.0.12 (b2020042115)

That sounds reasonable. I’ve opened an internal ticket to implement this feature in the future.

Thank you for the speedy response!

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Is there any update on this feature? Or maybe a work-around?

I am currently using the “filterAlarm” extension script to filter by displaypath. But the filter doesn’t work when viewing shelved alarms. This creates a problem because users have the ability to unshelve alarms outside of their allowed area.

@cmallonee Do you have any information on this?

When your comment the other day brought this issue back up I updated the existing ticket which hadn’t been touched (other than the review process to say “yes, let’s do it”) since it had been created. So we agree that it should be done and we want to do it, but it’s a low priority right now.

There isn’t really a workaround, and even when we implement these changes I’m not 100% sure the ability to filter on displayPath will work for shelved alarms because it’s not a column of the shelved tab… I’m not saying it can’t happen - I’m just not confident it will happen.

Ok, thank you for the reply. Is there a script I could use to retrieve shelved alarms and filter that way? I was playing around with this the other day, but it didn’t look possible.

Try something like this (there’s got to be a better way though):

non_shelved_alarms_which_meet_my_criteria = system.alarm.queryStatus(... includeShelved=False)
all_alarms_which_meet_my_criteria = system.alarm.queryStatus(... includeShelved=True)
shelved_alarms_which_meet_my_criteria = []
for alarm in all_alarms_which_meet_my_criteria:
    if alarm not in non_shelved_alarms_which_meet_my_criteria:
return shelved_alarms_which_meet_my_criteria

Thanks! That should work for what I need.