[Feature-1972]Change order columns of Alarm Status Table

Hi, Is it possible to change the order of columns of Alarm Status Table?. Like show more to the left “Priority” Column than “TimeActivation”, for example.

I realize this is a year old, but any response would be appreciated. I tried moving the columns in the property editor, but it did not change the column order. I find the alarm name or label more user friendly and informative than display path.


As of today, no it is not possible. We are looking into making this possible in the future.


We really would like this… We really need to see DP, Label, Name in that order, but at the moment priority and state separate these items

We use:
DP for Alarm Area
Label for Alarm Device
Name for Alarm Name

Which together piece together a complete description, but let us display alarms anywhere with as much context as required for where they’re displayed. But on the main overview AST, these fields should always be together for legibility

Hi, is changing the order of columns for alarm status table and alarm historical table available now? Besides that, the arrangement of columns between the alarm status table and alarm historical table are different and inconsistent.

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Hi, Any updates on this feature?

The alarm table columns now allow for not only specifying a display order via properties (props.columns.columnName.order), but they also allow for users to re-order the columns at runtime by dragging a column to a desired location amongst other columns. The runtime ordering is not saved as a permanent state within the session, so leaving the page and returning to it will result in the ordering being lost, and reverting to whatever was configured within the props.

For situations where you do NOT want users to be able to re-order columns, you should use the props.dragOrderable property and provide it a value of false.

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Do you know exactly when “now” is? (i.e. what version?) I can’t see anything in the change logs

Sorry, it looks like the feature was added in 8.1.14. There was an effort for Alarm Tables which included multiple fixes/enhancements.

Release notes

Change logs

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