[Feature-1975]PowerChart export duplicate timestamp - Aggregate Mode Default

Hi, When we download tag history from PowerChart data, I noticed there is duplicated timestamps with two different values.
Can someone help why this happens.

Your time column is not showing the seconds.

It looks like you have converted the t_stamp but left off the seconds and milliseconds portion.

@lrose Thanks for quick response.
Though I activate ss and SSS the data is same. Duplicated.

How is the tag history configured? What version of Ignition are you running?

I’m running 8.1.2. And this export is from powerchart component.
I just noticed that when we add new Pen, by default the aggregation mode is set to ‘default’. I suspect default aggregation mode is MinMax. Hence there is two data on every timestamp interval.

Is there anyway to set aggregate mode to Average when we “Add Selected Tag”?


When you add or edit a tag there is an option to set the Aggregation Mode, I don’t know if there is a way to change it’s default to a different type of aggregate.

@cmallonee Perhaps you have some insight?

No, there is not a way to configure the default aggregation mode when tags are brought into the Power Chart. Dev seems to believe it wouldn’t be difficult to expose a new property to allow for this. I’ll open a feature request for now and we’ll see what happens.

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Has there been any update? We are still seeing this same behavior in csv export version 8.1.25.

No progress at this time. There have been a few notes left on the ticket which mention various interested parties, but we've not started any development work on this feature.

The problem seems to exist. I have version 8.1.30. Is there a work around that you suggest?

Thank you