[Feature-1985]Perspective table: Close sub view of table via script


Is there any way to close/collapse an open sub view in a table via script.

I’m wondering about this too. Anyone figure out a way?

I tried using a Message to disable and re-enable props.row.subview.enabled as a way to close the subview.
It does not work because the table keeps in memory which row was expended.

I am really hoping for Inductive to add a way to do it.

Added on Release 8.1.17 (May 2022), Table component now has two scripting functions: expandSubviews and collapseSubviews. Both take in an array of indices of rows to expand/collapse. If no parameter with collapseSubviews, all subview are collapsed.
Check release note 8.1.17 for full details; I havent tested it yet.