[Feature-230]Hidden Tooltip on Perspective Text or Numeric Entry Field

Good morning, I’ve got a modal popup created in perspective with a numeric entry field. I’ve configured a tooltip to show the acceptible numeric limits, however the tooltip appears below the modal box and is basically useless. Any way to get that tooltip to be in the foreground,vs. hidden behind the popup?
I’ve tried a text entry field with a similar result.

Welcome @garnet.tozer, is your tooltip a popup as well? If so, you might be able to create your tooltip via CSS which may produce better results. Although I have not tried this myself so I don’t know for sure (just spit-balling ideas). I might try this later if I get the chance :smiley:

I am using a numeric entry field on a perspective popup. I’ve entered values into the maximum and minimum input bounds fields, and then created a linked tooltip text field to display the upper and lower bounds. That tooltip text stays behind the popup perspective view. It’s not particularly useful hiding behind the scenes!
I’ve not gone the CSS route yet - still new to that.

I’ve reported this a couple times. As well as them loosing focus. I figured it’d be a bigger issue in the community. Calling a lot of pop ups that utilize these components for form submittal would seem to me a really common use case. Idk

Any clue what it would take to do this CSS tooltip in perspective? Sounds like something I could use!!

I have good news and bad news.

Bad news:
Short of a potential CSS workaround (which I don’t personally know how @matthew.ayre intends to manage) there is not a way to get these tooltips to display in front of the popup at this time.

Good news:
We’re actually overhauling how tooltips are managed in Perspective, so that any component can display a tooltip. As part of this overhaul we are auditing aspects like z-index so that tooltips don’t get hidden behind popups/modals/docked views and the like. This overhaul is still in development and while it could potentially make 8.1.7 I would not expect it until 8.1.8.

I’m going to link this thread to the Tooltip work currently in development so that we can update this thread when the content is available.


Thanks much!

Just to close the loop @cmallonee, I finally had a chance to experiment. I was thinking you could possibly override the z-index via theming. However, I am guessing this style gets set further down the CSS chain, as my experimentation failed miserably :sweat_smile:

There are examples of creating tooltips in CSS that use data- attributes to pass the relevant information. I couldn’t think of a graceful way of implementing this in Ignition (although I did think of some very ungraceful ways of doing it, but I didn’t test them because they were very convoluted, even for me :laughing:)

@garnet.tozer I have had success at implementing tooltips by using mouseover or click events and creating a specific tooltip View which is displayed as a modal popup (this has the same z-index as other modal popups). But it can be a bit cumbersome to manage and unreliable.

Is this issue resolved in the 8.1.7 release?



No, this issue will not be resolved until the 8.1.10 release.

#Edit: updated to reflect the 8.1.9 emergency release.

Hello. Now that 8.1.9 is here, are tooltips easy to implement in Perspective? If so, where can I find an example? Thanks.

8.1.9 is an emergency re-release of 8.1.8 with a single bugfix. So everything promised for 8.1.9 will now be in 8.1.10.


AWESOME! Thank you!