[Feature-2383] Filtering shelved alarms

Hello folks,

I have an issue with the Alarm Status Table: the shelved tab shows alarms that belong to other projects.
I have no idea how to fix that… I tried the filtering extension function, but it seems to only filter alarms in the active alarms list, not the shelved ones.
The filter properties are not enough, as the user can just get rid of those.

Do I have a misconfiguration somewhere ? Did I miss an option somewhere ?
For now I just filtered the alarms and disabled the option of filtering for the user, but that’s not ideal, especially considering it still shows the number of shelved alarms in the tab title…

Please send help :smiley:

Tags are Gateway-scoped, so all projects can see all Tags. If your tags are split into different providers for each project, you could filter on the provider. You could also filter based on the source or Display Path if you happen to have configured your tags in such a way that you can determine which project a tag belongs to by looking at the Source of the tag.

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How can I filter things ? I could not find anything that allowed me to filter the shelved alarms…

Oh, you’re right - we have not implemented the conditions property for shelved alarms yet. We have an open feature request to provide the same filtering capabilities to both the shelved and active tabs, but it has not been started yet. For now there is no way to filter the shelved tab alarms by provider, source or display path.

Oh… damn.
Any workaround that would provide a bit more flexibility than what I’m doing currently ? Which is imposing a text filter and disabling the option for the user to change that filter…
And an ETA on that feature ?

You could use the filtering present in the extension function: filterAlarm.

Look at the documentation for the Alarm Status Table to learn more about how to use this filter. This could also be modified at runtime if you want to set up some additional components to drive the logic. The downside is this route can impact performance for tag-heavy systems because it executes the logic for all alarms every time the table polls.

I have read that page and did try the filterAlarm extension function, but it seemed to only filter active alarms, not the shelved ones. To make sure of that, I made it return False all the time, and shelved alarms were still showing up.
Did I miss something ?

That sounds like a bug. If that is indeed true, then I’m sorry to say I have no other workarounds for you. I’m not in a position where I can verify the behavior just yet, but I’ll try it out first thing when I arrive at the office.

I’ll give it another shot in case I messed something up, then report back.

It seems I didn’t mess it up… So that’s a bug then.

Yes, I was able to replicate it as well. I’ve reached out to Dev to see if this might be expected behavior, because I think shelved alarms might be managed differently and so they might bypass that filtering. I’m waiting to hear back, but regardless, this will not work for you as of right now.

I haven’t gotten a response from the original Dev, so I’ve opened an internal ticket until a determination can be made. If you need to reference this internal ticket at any time (during a Support inquiry, for example), you can supply 2885 as the reference number.

Thanks a lot, hope this can find a fix soon.