[Feature-2677]Perspective duplicate component names

I noticed in 8.1.4 and 8.1.5 that I can have multiple components with the same name.

This obviously seems wrong, and so I’ve opened a ticket to investigate, but… since the name of the component is exposed as a property there is really nothing we can do to prevent this from happening. Realistically, a user could bind the component name to some value and we just have to allow that. I have the faintest memory of discussing this with someone in the past and we landed on this not being a bug, but rather just a pitfall that users should avoid by only naming components of importance and avoiding binding component names.

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It sounds like my previous reply was pretty close to the mark. We can’t prevent users from giving components the same name in Perspective like we do in Vision. That being said, we could potentially intercept name changes in the project browser and warn users that they should not supply duplicate names in order to prevent bindings from potentially faulting when duplicates are found. I would not expect us to address this anytime soon as it would be a low-priority feature instead of what we were originally worried could be a bug.

Or the issue could pique Carl’s interest and he could have a PR ready fro review by today. It looks like we’re going to provide an additional badge next to components in the Project Browser when there is name duplication at the same level of the View hierarchy. This badge will warn users about the inherent risks of name duplication in Perspective components. Likely for 8.1.7.

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