[FEATURE-2707] Designer: Display time saved in status bar

This is regarding the “Project saved” text in the Designer status bar when you save a project. It would be good to see the actual time that the project was saved here as well, as this text stays until something overwrites it, so sometimes when I look down and see that it’s saved, my goldfish memory thinks “oh great, I just saved my stuff” when actually I didn’t… If the time was there, then I would know


Good idea. This would help me out too.

The one thing that I did notice about the project saved timer is that it appears to not take into account how long it took to serialize the project (I had a project that was taking 30+ seconds to save the other day due to serialization and other things) and it was always showing less then 500 ms.

Man, now we gotta do it - look at all these heavy hitters!

It's (potentially) misleading - the elapsed timer is really just telling you long it took to 'push' the changes up to the gateway, not how long the rest of the save operation took. That might be nice to change, but is probably a separate effort from the main idea of this post.


I snuck this into 8.1.8. Don’t get used to it :slight_smile:


Haha, awesome! You da man