[FEATURE-2758, FEATURE-2760] Alternative State sorting in Alarm Status Table

(Version 8.1.5)

Sorting an Alarm Status Table by State is less useful in Perspective than in Vision.

In Vision, Sort Order property options that include State will descend as Active Unacked, Active Acked, Cleared Unacked, Cleared Acked. This is ideal for me - new active alarms are presented first, while cleared alarms are less of a concern (because they are cleared) and are presented at the bottom.

In Perspective, you can choose whether state sorting is ascending or descending, but neither has the same form as Vision. Ascending sorts as Cleared Unacked, Cleared Acked, Active Unacked, Active Acked. Naturally, descending sorts the reverse - Active Acked, Active Unacked, Cleared Acked, Cleared Unacked’.

It would be great to be able to match the sort order of Vision, as neither sort option in Perspective makes sense to me. I want (need, even) the Active Unacked alarms to come first. This is currently impossible short of hiding all Cleared alarms or hiding Active Acked, neither of which I’m keen to do.

One more missing feature I just discovered. In Vision, a multi-column sort order will sort correctly even when a column is hidden. In Perspective, disabling a column removes it from the sort order.

That’s a huge problem for me, as I tend to make use of small alarm tables that just show Active Time and Label. When I hide my other sorted columns (state and priority), it now sorts the entire list solely by Active Time, even though props.activeSortOrder still has state and priority as sorted columns. It should sort as defined in that prop, whether a column is enabled or disabled.

This is a frustrating issue for me too.
I need to display the latest active alarms but cannot sort to show Active & Unacked first!
Why is the alarm sorting different to Vision when alarms are just as critical to get right?

We hear you. Feature in queue. We will provide you with a means of declaring your sort preference as well as with the ability to hide but still sort columns. Thanks.

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Has this been implemented since this post?

We need this as well. Any clue to when this will be implemented?