[Feature-2911] Perspective - Gantt Chart

Part of our project hasn’t been moved to Perspective yet because it doesn’t have the Gantt Chart component. Is it going to be added any time soon (or ever)?

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Yes, it is on our list of things to do. I’ve linked the ticket associated with adding this component to Perspective so you can follow along. I wouldn’t expect this to be added in 8.0.3, but sometime after that.


Is there is any update on the Gantt Chart for Perspective? Thanks

Hi @Kasa.Jason_K,

It is still something we are planning to do.
Unfortunately I do not have a estimate for when you can expect this feature to be added.

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Curious if there is any update on this yet? Thanks!

It’s not a replacement for a proper Gantt Chart component, but my Ribbon Chart on Ignition Exchange may be able to fill your need for the time being.


A year later, has anything been completed?

This is still in the plans, but nothing to announce as of yet.

Is this still in the development plan?


Yes it is still in the plans, but nothing solid to announce as of yet.

Huge miss not having this feature.