[Feature-3595] VOIP Gateway Status

Has anyone got an idea on how to monitor the connection status of the notification voip gateway. I am using an ATCOM IP02. Every once in a while it crashes and needs rebooted. I would like to setup an alarm when the connection state drops to unregistered or unavailable. Any ideas?

Currently there isn’t a simple way to monitor the Voice Notification Profile status in Ignition. We have a feature request in our queue for this to create a System Tag to monitor each Voice Notification Profile’s status, which would allow you to configure an alarm on that tag, but there is no timeline for when this will be completed. Would this feature match what you’re looking for?




Hey Stat,

Is there a link or topic where I can read on this?

I'm sorry to say that at this time, this feature (documented under IGN-3595 internally) has not been completed and we do not have documentation for it. While it's not currently on our development roadmap, we appreciate your interest and are always looking for feedback and suggestions from users to help prioritize new features. If you have a use case for this feature that you would like to share, I encourage you to respond further in this thread. I have already linked this forum post for reference to IGN-3595, so that the developers will be able to reference this forum thread when they eventually work on this feature.

I also encourage you to create a feature post on IA's features and ideas page if there isn't one already. The upvotes on features on this page helps us prioritize new features based on community interest. If you do create one, please share the post here so that I can add a reference to it on our internal ticket.