[FEATURE - 4737] Top level custom properties in UDT do not appear in designer tag browser

I can add custom properties to the highest level of a UDT definition (not a member tag), and I seem to be able to reference those custom properties from an expression referencing an instance of that UDT definition. But those custom properties don't show at all in designer's tag browser, where as custom properties added to member tags (atomic tags) in a UDT definition are shown in the tag browser.

Is that a bug/omission, or is there a reason for that?

Ignition v8.1.22

UDT Definition:

UDT Instance:

Designer tag Browser:

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Hi tyler.bennett,

A feature request has been filed for this ticket.

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@sjohnson, Is there means for me to track a feature request and understand if/when it has been included in a release?