[FEATURE-5219] Select multiple row in touch screen device for table

As there is no way to simulate the CTRL or shift button being pressed in mobile phone how can I select multiple row in perspective table?

Anyone have any info on this?

I had to build a custom version of this with embedded checkboxes and its a nightmare to maintain :slightly_frowning_face:

I too work on an application that has custom multi-select functionality to accommodate mobile users. It’s an absolute chore to develop with. A native way to allow multi-select on mobile would solve so many issues for us.

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not really the same but it kinda works

This can make things a bit tricky if your table is polling and potentially changing the data.

It would be immensely easier if you could just set the table to “multi-select-two-click” or something to click to select, and then click to unselect. That way you could click to select as many as you want.

It would also be easier if you could change the selected data key and it change the actual tables visual selection. That way you could build what I am describing above off of rowClick events.

true, any kind of selection is tricky when the data/rows change tho

I’m just curious @cmallonee or @ynejati (as I’m fairly sure Cody knows everything about Perspective and Yusuf built the table lol)

Is there a reason why this would not be functionally possible to implement? Or would this just need to be a feature request?

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One other annoying bug that keeps this from working effectively, is that if you are in “edit mode” in a cell, with the cell in the last row, and the cell is removed from the table it will cause a component error and crash the table.

This is annoying if “homemade multi select” could affect the items in the table, I have a client app with this that in order to get around the table crashing, anytime I am going to remove data from the table I have to disable then re-enable the column edibility. A little clunky, but technically can get around the issue.

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A preview of something I have been working on that may ultimately be worth putting on the exchange if a first party implementation seems too far out. Works great on mobile

Screen Recording 2021-11-23 at 12.27.44 PM

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I think we can get you guys something for this, as we work on many improvements to the table. Thanks.


Any update on this? Found myself in a very similar situation!