[FEATURE-530] Power chart feature request - handle multiple tags with same base name

One of the challenges I have with charting is that I tend to have a few dozen identical devices on my sites and so I would usually generate multiple instances of each using UDTs, leaving me with a structure that looks like DEVICE_1/My_Tag, DEVICE_2/My_Tag, etc. In the easy chart and power chart, trying to add two of these tags won’t work because they have the same name, but I don’t really want to go and start naming my tags DEVICE_1/DEVICE_1_My_Tag either because that negates the benefits of the folder structure.

Would it be possible to make the power chart support this? In my head I’m thinking that it would show My_Tag when there’s only one “My_Tag” in the list, but if there are multiple it would show as much hierearchy as required to make them unique (e.g. “DEVICE_1/My Tag” and “DEVICE_2/My Tag”), though I’m sure there are many solutions to the visual part of the problem.

Side note: will it be possible to set the size of the tag browser pane for those of us with some fairly deeply nested structures?

Yeah, I would say don’t limit adding tags based on tag path AT ALL. This would allow us to add the same tag multiple times, but with different aggregation modes for the different pens.

I’d also like to see an option to add the legend to the left or right of the chart. This would be especially helpful on charts with lots of tags on widescreens. We could expand the legend and show tags + data values to the left or right of the chart.

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Thanks devs! :heart:

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