[Feature-537] Color picker is too narrow

This is in 8.1.3 under Linux

The color picker tool sizes itself to the minimum size need to contain the content in each tab, but that is so narrow that it makes it a pain to use if I want to select different modes of color picking. I am forced to use the tiny left and right arrows to make the name of the tab I want visible before I can even click on it.


We have an open feature request to expand the picker a bit and make it easier to interact with the other tabs. No ETA on when it might make it into the application, but we’re aware that this can be frustrating.

What is interesting is that there are locations where the color picker has a suitable width.

Surprise! This is included as part of the upcoming 8.1.5 release. you should be able to find this in a nightly build starting tomorrow.


I am very excite!