[Feature-540]Perspective Radio Group Styling

Using the selectedIcon and unselectedIcon styling on a radio group to set the color works no problem…but if you set the selectedIcon color to a non-default value it flashes with the default blue color while the radio button transitions from unselected to selected.

Is there a way to handle this so the “transition” color would match the selectedIcon color?

What version are you using? I’m currently using a 8.1.0 nightly and am not seeing this behavior, and I don’t remember seeing it in 8.0.16.

8.0.16, installed it about a week ago.

I’ll try an 8.0.16 environment and see if I can replicate.

Ah, I wasn’t seeing it because I also had a color set for my unSelectedIcon color property (so I never had the default blue display - only the unselected color). It looks like what is happening is the unselected radio icon first switches to the “selectedIcon” icon, and then transitions color from the unSelectedIcon.color.enabled value to the selectIcon.color.enabled value. I can speak with Dev and see about changing the order of operations there, but no promises.

Thanks for the explanation. Not a showstopper, just noticed it while we were updating the styling for a customer.


I’ve opened an internal ticket to swap out the color transition for an immediate color-swap. This should prevent the “flash” you’re seeing during the transition.