[Feature-615] onKeyPress event doesn't work in root container

The onKeyPress event doesn’t work in the root container of the view. What I really want is some global keypress event for the open page. I mean, I want to get a keypress event even I don’t focus on the component.

We actually have a feature in development to provide this. Likely for 8.1.6.

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Is it also possible for you to add browser zoom in and out as an event too?
or ctrl + muse scroll event?
I ask this because if I can get those event by using css3 zoom property on root container I can simply create cluttering decluttering effect.
Of course having new containeer that act like map compoenent is much better but this is better than nothing for now.

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has this been released as part of 8.1.6? I’m trying to setup a numeric input, the touch screen version works well, but I would like to implement keyboard/numpad inputs as well.

No, it’s currently going through the Dev/QA process and is most likely to be included as part of 8.1.8.

While we have an excellent handle on implementation for desktop users, we’ve discovered that the current implementation will only allow for a select sub-set of scanners (HID) to utilize Key Events as is intended, so we’re delaying this until we can research an implementation which allow for a wider range of devices to work as intended. We now expect 8.1.9 at the earliest.

It is nice to have it even it is not working with all HID until it fully working. May be we can help to find other bugs as well.