[FEATURE - 6222] XY Chart Selection

Hi together,

I have in Perspective a XY chart and try to use the selection to filter another chart. If I select one bar in the first char everything is alright.
My problem is, that I have several series in my first chart, so the user is able to select one bar of each series. For the filter of the second chart I use the firstchart.selection.data[0] array. So it still works if several series are selected, but I think it's not very userfriendly.

For example:
EA2_1 has the series: R3,R4,R5 and R6
EA2_3 has the series: R7, R8 and R9
So the user is able to select all 7 bars. (In the picture R3,R4 and R9 are selected)

In firstchart.selection.data[0] you can find the first clicked series.

My goal is, that the user is only able to select 1 of these 7 bar.
Or what would be also ok, that he is only able to select bars out of one category EA2_1 or EA2_3

If you know any other smart way, to select the category by clicking at the data I would be happy.

Thank you in advance

Hi Inken_Kestler,
Unfortunately, there is no option to limit selection in Perspective XY Chart to one data series. There is a feature request has been created.

Thanks :grinning: