[Feature-6424] Session Custom in designer annoy to get to

When designing using Perspective, when you go to the home page for the project, 99/100 it is to work on the Session Custom properties. (At least for me). Those properties are the hardest thing on the page to get to as they are out of site and you either need to collapse Session Props or scroll down. If you collapse Session Props it seems to stay that way for a short time but most of the time when you come back the Session Props are fully expanded again. Is there a way to make Session Props stay collapsed or better yet, put Session Custom above Session Props?

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It would be nice if session props were accessible from every page in perspective, the same way Vision client tags are.

Navigating back to the Welcome Panel is just an extra hassle

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I opened a feature request for this, because i can see the annoyance on this. Not sure if anything will come of it, but we will take a look at it.


Agree 100%. As it is, I am using the Windows snipping tool a lot to ‘take pictures’ of things like that and putting them up on my second monitor. That way I don’t have to remember how I structured things.

What is and where is the Welcome Panel?

Session props are available on Perspective in the Project Browser. One click on Props in the Perspective Property Editor collapses the props and reveals the SESSION CUSTOM section.

That is correct, it is just super annoying to have to click on that almost every single time, which can be lot since you have to go back there almost every single time you want to use a session prop if you have a memory like mine and have a large project. The annoying part is the auto expand feature it seems to have. If Session Props would just stay collapsed until l tell it to expand, I would have no issue with it. I can’t find a repeatable trigger for when it expands itself back up, like saving the project, giving focus to another program on the computer, etc. It just seems to do it after a time delay or at random. Whatever it is, kill it, kill it with fire.

That’s just the proper name (at least per the sdk) for the “home page” for perspective. Where you set page configs, docked windows, etc. Each different module has a “Welcome Panel”. Where you are referring to Perspective in the project browser, is the welcome panel.

I think the idea would be the same way in tags you can change your provider at any time (while in vision) to “Vision Client Tags”, if you could change your prop level to “Page” or “Session” props within any window, it would just be a convenience to save time. I also believe that not a lot of people leverage session props a whole lot, because they are kind of “hidden” compared to component props. Could be nice for them to be easily more visible.

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