[feature-748]Perspective Favicon

Is there a way to change the Favicon for a perspective browser project client?

I tried changing the Launch Icon for Vision and Perspective in Project properties, but that doesnt seem to have changed it.

Thanks for any help!



Did you ever work something out on this? We will possibly have a desire for this in the near future and I’d like to see what we need to do to customize it.

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There’s nothing exposed to customize the favicon, but when I filed an internal ticket for this a year ago it didn’t get shot down. I’m going to revive that ticket and see what the status is.


Awesome thanks! It would be nice to have that polish.

@PGriffith I am curious if this ever got implemented? I am interested in using this functionality as well.

Hasn’t been implemented; it’s still a low priority polish item on our list.

Thanks for the response @PGriffith!


The favicon is becoming more and more desirable as my browser fills with Perspective tabs. It’s getting harder to find the right tab quickly.



Yes this will be a good addition since most of our users have more than 1 project open at a time, would be nice to differentiate which tab the user needs to go to.


Any ETA on this one?

No, nothing yet. It looks like it got rolled up into a larger effort around allowing customizing the appearance of Perspective & IDP pages.


This idea is open on the Ideas forum as well. Be sure to drop a vote there if you’d like to move the priority up for us.

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In 8.1.17, please? :smile:

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Not going to happen in 8.1.17; we’ve already “frozen” that branch and cut the release candidate.
I’ve done some work on the internal ticket to tie in the ideas thread Ray linked above, which will help escalate the priority, but there’s no guarantee of timeline or expected release version.

@victordcq might know some black magic to do this?

well… you should first test this but i guess you maybe could force lock the favicon file…
the icons are “generated” here

if you create a folder structure like this behind the webapps main… for each icon. And idk maybe try make them not overridable.
C:/Program Files/Inductive Automation/Ignition/webserver/webapps/main/res/perspective/images/favicon...
Maybe maybe it will work? i have not tried this tho, and dont do this on an active gateway as maybe there will be breaking errors if the file already exists (and not overrideable).

apple seems to have other icons:

it can also be that these files have to be in the webapps instead of the webapps/main
and browser cache might have to be removed

nvm this wont work.
any path with /res gets redirected as an api call so creating these files wont do anything, and you can never acces anything in a folder named res