[Feature-7587] Perspective piping: styling for different types of pipes

We use Ignition 8.1.24 where Perspective Piping is introduced (see [New Feature: Perspective Piping)]). We find that the Piping Tool is very helpful. However, we have different product flows (e.g. steam, water…) that we would like to visualize in our views in a dynamic way (e.g. appearance, colors, width, line variation…). In the current Piping Tool we need to going through the nested tree and manually adjust these properties. We find this a major drawback because these pipes/product flows have always the same properties. Furthermore, if we decide to change the color of our steam pipes, we need to do this manually in every view. Finally, is is not possible to select a combination of line types (e.g. Mid Arrow and Dashed).

The figure below represents a simplified version of this problem. The figure shows two steam pipes and two water pipes that are not connected to each other. These two types of pipes has the same properties that must be reconfigured each time we want to visualize.

A feature where it is possible to group pipes and link them, according to their respective product flows, to a predefined class would be very helpful to encounter the problem described above.

The figures below represents a simplified version of a possible solution. The figure shows the grouped steam pipes to which a predefined class (pid-steam) is linked. Analogous for the water pipes.


Hi @Willem_Ver_Eecke , I like your idea of giving each Pipe an individual style prop. I even went as far as began implementing it to see if I could think of any obvious hiccups. I'll be writing an feature ticket for this shortly.



Hi, any updates on this?
I didnt find this exactly feature (styling pipes) listed at Ignition Features and Ideas | Inductive Automation

This would be indeed a very nice feature.