[Feature-8604] Report Viewer Zoom Factor

Is there a way to have the default zoom on the report viewer set to ‘Fit Panel’? We have a variety of screen sizes around our facility and it is cumbersome to always have to select ‘Fit Panel’ from the drop down before you can see any data.

I don’t see a way to access “Fit Panel” through scripting. The best I can offer right now is a hacky workaround of knowing what zoom factor you need based on the screen size (see system.gui.getScreens() ) and then setting the zoom factor via scripting on opening the window containing the report viewer.

We do have a ticket for this – I’ll note on the ticket that this is an issue for you and see if that bumps up the priority.

This feature was added in the 8.0.3 nightly build that was uploaded today (6/10).