[feature-9609]Dropdown Font on table

When using a dropdown on screen. If you select table mode but have the font changed to say 24 all looks good till you see the table under for selection. It does not follow font parameters. Is there a way to increase it to match? I found a old post on this but have not seen an answer anyplace. If its not do able just say so.

There is not any way to modify the dropdown list’s rendering when in ‘Table’ mode. This is an active feature request internally, however.

Any movement on this? I’m being asked to make the boxes in a Dropdown List bigger because the operators have trouble picking the right entry on the touch screens with their gloves on.

If not, how would you recommend doing this another way?

If it’s not in ‘Table’ rendering mode, then check out this thread for a solution involving customizing the rendering code:

If it is in table rendering mode, you’ll have to wait for the bug ticket I mentioned two and a half years ago…which is still active, just hasn’t been picked up, in favor of higher priority issues.