[Feature-977]AlarmStatus Table Custom Columns

I am attempting to use the Perspective AlarmStatus table to display alarms, however, the table included in Ignition doesn’t house all the data I would like to provide (such as a timer for how long an alarm has been active and a counter that counts each alarm as more and more are added). That being said, I am unable to figure out how to add a custom column to the AlarmStatus table. Any help is appreciated!

The alarm status table does not currently allow for custom columns.

Good to know that’s what I was thinking. I noticed that I could create custom columns but that I couldn’t fill those columns with anything (I tried editing a tag adding a string that should have filled the space with no such luck).

Is it possible to create our own table that could house all the information of the built-in AlarmStatus table along with custom columns?

You can get close with some scripting functions like queryStatus, but you’ll lose a lot of the built-in functionality the standard Alarm Status Table provides, like filtering on priority or text, sorting by priority, shelving, and acknowledging. it’s not difficult to provide your own ways to manage those tasks, but it would be “impossible” to incorporate them into a table of your own making.

Hate to pull up an old item. Is it by chance on the roadmap to add custom column functionality? I have added a alarm associated data field into the alarms and would like to show in the table. Next option is a custom table, but I really would like to not lose the functionality…

We do indeed have an open ticket to provide this feature, but it has been slow in reaching active development. The feature denotes that it has been escalated and bumped in priority - we just haven’t had a chance to pick it up yet.

OK, thank you sir!

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Thanks for the update. I’m really keen on this feature as I’m building a large site-wide perspective solution and showing the alarm “Area” associated data in the table is very important.