[FEATURE]Add exporting/importing/EAMing of gateway config between connected gateways

I’m starting to use connected gateways more now that one of our projects has grown over time and now we’ve split the architecture into frontend/backend gateways. What has become apparent to me now is that it’s a bit of effort to setup and keep the gateway configs in synch with each other for the common things, like database connections, gateway settings, auditing, user sources, etc. etc. I can’t imagine what this is like for people with large networks of gateways.

I’m fairly sure it’s not already possible to transfer these settings already, but it would be great if it was possible. I know that gateway settings being made more available is on the cards e.g. moving gateway config to files which would allow for things like this, but it would also be good to be able to do this from the gateway webpage as well in more granularity. For example, having an option to copy individual configuration elements like a configured user source to a connected gateway.

Exposing GW settings on disk, partial gateway backup & restore, and better support for EAM are all things we’re treating as interlinked/related. The timeline on any big changes here is 8.2, but we’re well aware of the pain involved in orchestrating gateways like this.


Is the gateway config all currently stored in the internal db? I’m wanting to also document non-default gateway settings

Everything [1] except for redundancy is stored in the idb, yes.

[1] There’s probably some exception that’s not coming to mind right now

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Any idea what table the Gateway Settings are stored in? I can’t see any table with an obvious name :confused:

SYSPROPS has most of what you’ll find useful.

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