[FEATURE] Add ISO 8601 date format into format transform list

Can we please have ISO 8601 e.g. yyyy-MM-dd HH:mm:ss added into the list of datetime formats? I honestly never use the Format transform for datetimes without using the “Pattern” format because of this. The other formats are so hard to read quickly and/or are restacked triangle based (dig at US format :smiley: )


How about dd/MM/yy while we’re at it?

dd/MM/yyyy, I personally despise yy since it’s so easily confused with the day. I don’t particularly like dmy though regardless since it’s text-wise unsortable (also the biggest issue with US format mdy which sorts even more terribly). Off-topic, but the English language is inherently unsortable since we refer to things by property before thing. e.g. a blue car, a red car. We should say “car red” “car blue” like I think they do in some other languages :laughing:
I have a love-hate relationship with naming tags since I’m somewhat anal about correct English but am also logically minded as an engineer, and often they conflict with each other :confused: