[FEATURE] Add "Named Clients" to Gateway config and into Security Zones Identifiers


I have a large number of fixed HMI clients at customer sites. If I want to create a Security Zone for example for a particular area of a site to which a number of HMIs belong to, in order to add these HMIs into the zone I have to enter their IP address and/or hostname. The issue here is that in 6month’s time, I don’t know what HMI that IP address ‘’ is as there is no context that you can provide, other than using the security zone name to hopefully narrow down where it is. This might not narrow it down very far however depending on how and what security zones are defined and used.

My suggestion would be to add in another identifier section that accepts “Named Clients”.
Named Clients would then become a new section in the Gateway config to create a list of named clients so that clients are not just, they actually have some context behind them to pinpoint exactly where they are and what they’re used for.

For example:

Name IP Address Hostname Location Description
PKG-BH1-WRAP1-HMI EJD23H441 Packaging bottling hall 1 wrapper 1 hmi Wine transfer client in packaging blah blah
Client2Name EJC38H98 At base of rainbow Some other client

Then Client1Name for example would be used in the ‘Client Names’ Identifier section.

As a bonus, this would also enable fixed HMI locations to be documented within the programme for reference later.

Additionally, it would be great if we could create these client names from the list of connected Vision clients and Perspective Sessions on the gateway status page.

Idea to vote:

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Or you can configure your site DNS to do reverse name lookup by the standard and they’d all get their hostnames automatically. Hmm?

Most of our hostnames will be some random generation of letters and numbers by our customers’ IT departments, so hostname is generally useless as well. I probably should have made that more clear in my example :thinking: I’ve edited it now

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