[FEATURE] Add option to skip audit log in system.tag.write functions

I need to add previous value into the audit log, so I essentially need to create my own wrapper functions for the two system.tag.write* functions and insert my own entries into the audit log table to which I’ve added a new ACTION_VALUE_PREVIOUS field. These functions both write into the audit log though which I would like to be able to skip, like is possible with the system.db.*Update functions.

PS. I already have a feature suggestion for actually recording the previous values by default, but I assume adding a simple skipAudit argument to the existing function would be far simpler

Vote here:

Vote here for storing previous value by default:

If you do your writes from a gateway context I believe they skip the auditing system. So you could make your wrapper use sendRequest.

I think we just route them to a [potentially] different audit profile based on Config → Security → General setting for Gateway Audit Profile: