[Feature] Add tick value customization to Gauge Component

Hi could someone point me in the right direction to add my own tick values to say represent a compass or have higher number without increasing the physical size of the component.

Any help would be great.

There is not currently a way to increase the number of tick marks on the gauge component. To modify the shape of the component (like your compass request) you would want to modify the startAngle and endAngle values.

Note that after modifying these values you’ll want to force the component to re-draw itself at this time by taking control of one of the resize handles and moving it slightly in any direction. This could also have the opposite effect of what you’re looking for, as modifications in this manner usually result in fewer tick marks being visible.

If more tick marks are important to you, please consider opening a “Feature” request, by starting a new thread and supplying the [Feature] tag to the beginning of the title.