[FEATURE] Add warning to things that don't apply to inheritable/non-runnable projects

I’ve just been tripped up (again) by gateway timer scripts set up in a global project that doesn’t run due to being in an unrunnable inheritable project.

Can warnings please be added into places affected by this? Or even disable the places that simply won’t work/do anything.

Ideally, inheritable project should be able to still run gateway event scripts. Consider that a global project to be used across all sites might want to have for example gateway timer scripts configured that run for any project we use the inheritable project for.

This is the current behavior… each child project will have an instance of the timer script running.

Perhaps the problem though is that it’s very easy to override the entire “Gateway Event Scripts” resource right now, so you may have done that and don’t realize it. These will all become individual resources with a non-opaque storage format in 8.2.

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Ah yes, I did forget that this was a single object at the moment, and so yes I have defined scripts at the child project which I’d considered as its own independent area which is 99% likely my issue (without actually checking it yet).

So in 8.2, gateway event scripts will become similar to other resources where we will be able to see what individual handlers we’ve overridden and add new ones to child projects? Sounds like then it will be a move away from a popup defining all handler scripts and move into the project tree like everything else

I don’t know what the UI will look like yet, but yes, everything in the current UI that is currently one single consolidated resource will be individually overridable individual resources instead.